Providing Exceptional House-Sitting Services in Arizona

Rely on the expertise of Tucson Home Watch Services, LLC. We can customize our services to fit your house-sitting needs. 

What You Can Expect From Us

During a visit to the client's home, we will open the property and thoroughly check the premises, utilities, evidence of unwanted pests, and any visible maintenance problems or defects. We will then send an email or notice to the homeowner after each visit, confirming that everything is in good order or noting any visible defects that the homeowner should be aware of.


Catering to Your Specific Needs

We provide "a la carte" services, as well as a more tailored service to owners whose needs are not identified in the list depending on their particular needs:

Once a Month

$35 per month

The home will be opened at varying times in one day within the second week of each month.

Twice a Month

$60 per month

The home will be opened at varying times in a day during the first and third week of each month.

Once a Week

$100 per month (or $25 per week if there are more than four visits to the home in one month)

The home will be opened weekly at varying times.

Meeting Other Contractors

We will meet with various contractors needed at your homes, such as A/C repairmen and cleaning service providers. Our staff stays on the property, upon request, until the service is finished.

Contractor Estimates

If requested, we will meet with various contractors needed on the property for them to provide estimates of the service required.

Welcome Home Package, Starting at $35

Upon the home owner's request, we will prepare the home for their arrival. Preparation includes opening the home before the arrival, adjusting the thermostat and water heater, verifying that the home is in good order, collecting the mail, and other requests. 

And Much More!

At Tucson Home Watch Services, LLC, we always strive to meet your individual needs. We can provide more tailored services upon request. These include:

  • Watering Indoor Plants
  • Checking the Mail
  • Turning the lights in the home on and off at certain times of day while performing service checks
  • and much more!

Here Is an Example of Our Service

  • 1 Check for exterior and interior signs of vandalism, trespassing, weather damage, or Homeowners’ Association violations (as indicated by the homeowner)
  • 2 Check the security and functionality of any window locks and door locks
  • 3 Check for any visible water damage, leaks, or evidence of mold
  • 4 Check for evidence of unwanted pests
  • 5 Test or flush water fixtures
  • 6 Collect mail, newspapers, or packages.
  • 7 Ensure the appliances, heater, air conditioner, and water heater are in working condition
  • 8 Keep a photographic record of visits to the home

Let’s Discuss Your House-Sitting Needs

We are here to bring you peace of mind, ensuring that your home is taken care of properly. Please contact us with questions about our rates and services.